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Welcome to the New "Me & My House" Blog!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

A place where you can receive encouragement, advice, and real stories from moms and dads like you who love the faith and the kids God gave them.

We have always known that salvation begins in the home, a phrase that simply highlights the family as the privileged place where we first encounter God. But today, on an Easter morning, the likes of which we in the West have not seen in centuries, nothing could be more important to share.

If I am to be inspired by other families, other children, other moms and dads as they live out their faith, then I must find a way to connect online.

With our inability to visit parishes, the roles of a mother and a father, a grandma and a grandpa, and yes, even a godparent, have taken on a whole new intensity. To hear the word of God now, we must gather around the hearth. To see the colour and beauty of the liturgical season now, we must decorate with the utmost care the places where we reside. And if I am to be inspired by other families, other children, other moms and dads as they live out their Faith, then now I must find a way to connect online.

We Can Do This

This is precisely why we are launching the Me & My House Blog, an online 'hub' for encouraging and authentic Catholic parenting . And while this isn't a place that is primarily for conversation (we have our MMH Facebook Group for that), it is a place where you can learn and grow with other Catholic parents— parents who are trained in theology as well as hard knocks.

You will hear from parents of large families as well as from parents with few children. You will hear stories that move the heart as well as stories that challenge you to take things to the next level. We will discuss family habits, moments, strategies, and culture, and you will never have to wonder if we love parenting or the Faith because in our eyes these two are always intimately connected.

So Let's Do Something

Let's pray for this new blog and its writers and moderators, so that they can all reach the lonely mother and the despairing father. Let's pray for the grandparents who look out the window and long to see the faces of the kids they once knew. And let's pray for the Church, Who now can only be seen by the crosses on our walls and the voices of the godparents who swore to assist us in our Faith.

The world has changed this Easter but our need to encounter God in the home has not.

God bless you my friends,

in Christ,



Patrick Sullivan is a Catholic Speaker and the President of Evango, a Catholic Media Organization that seeks to build a culture of Catholic evangelization and missionary discipleship. Patrick travels internationally to speak at Catholic events, parenting conferences, and to lead retreats and parish renewal missions. He is the creator and host of Me & My House, the Catholic parenting program that is transforming how we minister to parents in our dioceses, parishes, and communities. Patrick lives in beautiful Barry’s Bay, Ontario with his loving wife, Kyla, and their nine children.

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