God Can Fix Things … But Not Your Parenting

The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead is history’s greatest reminder that God can fix the worst that we can do.

And the Lord didn’t just fix things.

Instead, He made everything better by providing something that was previously unavailable—that is, the possibility of eternal life and the grace to get there.

This should be a wonderful source of consolation for many parents. After all, who hasn’t wondered at the long term effects of our parenting mistakes?

Some of us yell too much.

Some of us overload our kids with far too much responsibility.

Some of us give our kids far too little responsibility.

Yes, God can cover all of this and more with His grace (and He does!), helping each generation to become the best version of themselves often in spite of the many wounds sustained in childhood.

HOWEVER (did you notice I put that in all caps?), what God will not do is improve our parenting for us.

For many moms and dads, hearing that may be shocking.

Far too often, I encounter Christian parents who believe that their job is to expose their children to the Faith and to help them meet Jesus.

And while that is a very good goal—a necessary one actually—there is no doubt in my mind that a proper Faith formation and encounter with the living God also demands that we parents do better.

In short, we need to improve our:

  1. Lack of Know-How

  2. Human Formation

  3. Priorities

Yes, Easter has taught us that God can literally take what is dead and bring it back to life, and yet, God will not make us better parents. And I am glad He doesn’t.

Let’s take a look at each of these, one at a time.

1. Improve Your Lack of Know-How

Though the joke is as old as parenting itself, we can still recognize the truth in the statement that our children did not come with a parenting manual.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ways to parent out there. There are!

And here is the most important part: you can actually learn them.

Some ways of parenting help to relieve your stress.

Some ways improve upon your relationships with your spouse and children.

Some help to make really neat family memories that will last for a lifetime.

Find one that fits with the vision and dream that you have for your family and you will be all the better for it.

Tips. Strategies. Helpful and replicable examples. There are definitely programs and courses out there for the interested parent, and if you’re willing, you too can vastly improve how things run in your house simply by filling the knowledge gap.

God will not do this for you.

(For parents whose dream for their family includes all of the above, check out our Me & My House parenting program right here.)

2. Improve Your Human Formation

What is human formation?

It is the process by which we learn (preferably as children) how to behave in the world so that we can grow in virtue and help others to do the same.