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"Me & My House is the highest-quality and most practical Catholic parenting course I've ever seen. " 

- Alexandra Kubebatu

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Who Are We?

We are a Catholic organization that loves parents and the beautiful gift that God gives to them: the child.

Free Parenting Resources

The 5 Day Parenting Challenge

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MMH Parenting Blog

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Family Fishing

Patrick talks parenting in the media

Happy Family
Engaged Couple
Toddler with Toys

How Many Kids Should We Have?

Advice For Those Not Yet Married

Advice for Parents With Young Kids

Answering Kids' Questions

What Does COVID Mean For Parenting

Releasing Weapons Upon The World

Taking Care of the Kids
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The Me & M y House Program

Our course helps parents

to learn how to build the family culture they want

so that they can have the joy and peace they crave.

"I love the practical tips this program provides. Not only does it inspire me to strive for holiness within our family, but it also shows me exactly how to do that."

- Charisse Tierney

Me & My House is proud to be the recipient of the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur from Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto

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