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Me & My House


Invest in your kids and let the adventure begin!

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30 Day 100% Money Back


If you don't love the changes taking place in your parenting, simply contact us within 30 days for a no-hassle refund.


Praise from Catholic Moms You Know and Trust


Alexandra Kubebatu

The Catholic Servant Podcast

Me & My House is the highest-quality and most practical Catholic parenting course I've ever seen.  Thank you so much for creating this spectacular program Patrick! Prayers for you, your beautiful family, and your mission.


Charisse Tierney

Paving the Path to Purity Blog

I love the practical tips this program provides. Not only does it inspire me to strive for holiness within our family, but it also shows me exactly how to do that.

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Rosa Sautner

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii Blog

These videos are very practical.  Patrick gradually introduces ways to help you implement solid, Catholic teaching in your home, in raising your children, and in relating to your spouse.


Kate Taliaferro
Daily Graces Blog

These videos are very impactful and are full – I mean really, really full! – of great ideas, tips, exercises and things to consider for your own unique family.

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Gessica Tastove

Catholic Mom Vibes Blog

I loved that I found all of these things in just one program. From a dad who understands, and has been through it! Not just a childless child psychologist who has "all the answers”.

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Desiree Hausa

Green Catholic Burrow Blog

This is one reason I am so pleased with the Me & My House program. It fills a need that seems underserved in the Church – a full-orbed, integrated class on childrearing that is founded upon the faith and isn’t afraid to touch on things like habits and discipline.

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Sara Estabrooks

To Jesus Sincerely Blog

While ideal for new and growing parents, I think this course is a great refresher for all – and will help increase support and build a stronger, more vibrant community among Catholic families.

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Kate Eschbach

Songs Kate Sang Blog

I sincerely appreciate that Evango sought out these indications [i.e. ecclesiastical approval]. This immediately saves us time, researching if we should be concerned of contradictions to our faith.

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Sweeping Up Joy Blog

For the parents that worry about doing enough or being enough, Sullivan’s approach is to focus on the aspects of parenting that will actually have a lasting impact on children.

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A Beautiful, Camouflauged, Mess of a Life Blog

I felt as though there was a camaraderie – a feeling as though he is in the proverbial trenches with me, rather than fighting against my approach to parenting. In the episodes I viewed, Mr. Sullivan wasn’t interested in laying blame; rather, he was interested in cultivating and deepening his viewer’s intentionality toward parenting.

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Carissa Pluta​

The Myth Retold Blog

The episodes were the perfect combination of theology and practicality, making it both edifying and encouraging.”

“I also loved that, while each episode built on the last, they could easily stand alone, making them perfect for busy parents watching them in their ‘free time.’


Monica McConkey

Arma Dei - Equipping Catholic Families

These videos are very practical.  Patrick gradually introduces ways to help you implement solid, Catholic teaching in your home, in raising your children, and in relating to your spouse.

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Blessed Catholic Mom Blog

The Me & My House Catholic Parenting Program is like having a parenting coach with you, giving you practical guidance and step by step instructions to follow, to help you and your spouse be the best parents you can be, raise your kids well, and enjoy your family life. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this a Catholic parenting course?

Glad you asked! Besides answering the really tough parenting questions that everyone asks, we also look at the theology of parenting. We have even devoted a whole module to the topic of how to raise our kids in the faith.

Do I get a DVD or something in the mail?

No.  The Me & My House Catholic Parenting course is 100% digital.

Do I get access right away once I sign up? 

Yes you do! You will be redirected to the course site where you can create your own private login and have complete access.

How long is the course?

The course has four modules, providing you with 40 lessons on how to build the family culture that you want. 

Can I jump in at any point in the course?

Yes you can! Since you will have full and immediate access to the course, simply go to the section that you need most.

Once I purchase, will I own the course?

No. Similar to a streaming platform, you will have complete access to our library for the length of your subscription.

Is this approved by the Church?

Yes! Me & My House has received an Imprimatur and a Nihil Obstat so that you can rest assured that it is in line with Church teaching.

I have really difficult kids, will this help me?

Yes! If you are willing to make some small but key changes to your family culture then we have no doubt that your house will soon be a joyful and peaceful place for the whole family.

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Still not ready to commit?
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