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Meet Our Team


Catholic Speaker

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick is an author and a Catholic speaker with degrees in Literature, Education, and Theology. A father of nine children, Patrick travels internationally to speak to audiences on the spiritual life, theological matters, and parenting according to God's plan.

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Co-Creator & Producer

Maria Bugelli

Maria uses her gifts in art and design, theatre, and organization to bring to fruition visually beautiful and inspiring programming. Working with some of the most respected missionaries in the media world, Maria continues to rise to the challenge of Evango's growing media needs.


    Public Relations Coordinator

    Lucy Dabrowski

    Lucy is Evango's public relations coordinator and content editor. As part of her role, she issues press releases, maintains a social media presence, and arranges interviews with Patrick on a variety of media platforms. As moderator of the MMH Parenting blog, she oversees the scheduling and editing of both in-house and guest content.


      Drew Sommerville Media Director


      Ben Tabucan Writing


      Krystiana Tabucan Writing


      Matt McCauley Artistic Director


      Tang Luu Layout & Design

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